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AWS - Scope Table

Scope of Amazon Resources

Resource Scope Notes
AWS Account Global You use the same AWS account in all regions.
DevPay Product Codes Global You use the same DevPay product codes throughout all regions.
EC2 System Identifiers Regional Includes the AMI ID, Instance ID, EBS Volume ID, EBS Snapshot ID, and so on.
Instances Availability Zone Instances are tied to Availability Zones. However, the instance ID is tied to the region.
AMIs Regional AMIs are tied to the region where its files are located within Amazon S3.
Security Groups Regional Security groups are not copied across regions. Instances within the region cannot communicate with instances outside the region using group-based firewall rules. Traffic from instances in another region is seen as WAN bandwidth.
SSH Key Pairs Regional Key pairs (to connect to instances) are region-specific
Elastic IP Addresses Regional Elastic IP addresses are tied to a region and cannot be mapped across regions.
EBS Volumes Availability Zone An Amazon EBS volume must be located within the same Availability Zone as the instance to which it attaches.
EBS Snapshot s Regional Snapshots are tied to regions and can only be used for volumes within the same region.