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What is the connection? CDN (CloudFront) and Cloud Servers?

November 26th, 2008 by Edward M. Goldberg

I have been thinking a lot about Content Delivery Network (CDN) ideas for a while now.

AWS just has added CDN service the EC2-S3 Cloud Ecosystem under the name CloudFront….

So what is the connection with Clouds?

The idea of a CDN is more than just providing some of the content “close” to the point of use. The CDN also adds one more dimension to the ability to scale a site in a way that is driven by the demand of the users.

Think about the number of bytes your sever is sending out to the internet. Most of the “bulk” is static content. If this content comes from CDN servers and you pay by the byte served. You service is in fact scaling up and down with need in a very dynamic way, at very little cost to you. A simple elegant solution.

No the connection top Clouds start to be clear. The CDN does help with world wide service, but it also helps send out content for local users. Your servers can now focus on dynamic content!

Make you “landing Page” 100% CDN and the next “Slash Dot” will not hit you so bad. That first page with shine bright, even if the rest of the service is impacted.

Edward M. Goldberg

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