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RightScale and SPLUNK a great team to have on your side.

February 6th, 2009 by Edward M. Goldberg

SPLUNK> just added Partner templates and Scripts (RightScrips) to the http://RightScale.com service.

This is a great pair to have on your team.  These two players add depth of monitoring to your Deployments.  RightScale takes the low level server metrics very nicely and SPLUNK> watches all of the application logs for you.

Now with this pair set up on every server in every Cloud Deployment.  You have one place to search the indexed logs for all of your servers and control all of the Deployments in any location from one place.

I will be doing a Webinar talking with Michael Wilde of SPLUNK> for one hour.  We will explain all about these products and show you live how to set up a set of servers with RightScale + SPLUNK> .

This event is by invitation only so use this link to get a “seat”:


If you missed the last few Webinar and waant to get ready for this one,  watch these first;


The basic idea is servers watching servers.  With SPLUNK and RightScale watching your servers for you and collecting information you will know exactly what your servers are doing at all times.  This is a great way to prove your SLA was meet.  When you need to know what the performance of the Deployment Solution you created provided you need tools like these.

I think that it is important dispel the idea that Cloud Servers are “out of reach” and hard to examine.  In my work tools like these provide the real in depth information in real time.  Just looking at a server in a server room has little value for me.  I look at server photos in catalogs.  I watch servers perform with good tools like SPLUNK> and the RightScale Dashboard.

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