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How to you prove you met the performance SLA?

January 26th, 2009 by Edward M. Goldberg

The way to prove that you meet the SLA requirements is:

By setting up several external servers that watch your servers.

When I set up a deployment in the Cloud I also set up several ways to check and see if the service works well.  The more ways I can find to check and check the servers that check (and test them if I get a chance) the better feeling I get the next time I am asked:

How well are you doing,  does the service meet the SLA?

So What services are around?

I just found a new service called: http://WebCron.Org

They are in France. This is great. One more opinion from a server on the other side of the pond from AWS to check each 5 min. and see if my servers providing the service are “200″ over the internet.  This is a good example of a web service to outsource a task.

When you set up with a little magic from Google E-Mail filters. I get an E-Mail and a phone alert each time the reply from the site is != 200. Simple to set up and cheap.

This is not to say that this is a 100% one stop shopping solution for site up time checks. This is just one more tool to use and get one more opinion from France.

I keep looking for ways to get “The warm fuzzy feeling” that all is well. This just takes me closer to that state.

Good work http://WebCron.Org/ you have a nice product. Any more new stuff on the way? Keep me posted.

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